cGMP Manufacturing

Cell Banking, cGMP Manufacturing - BioCina

Cell Banking

BioCina meticulously maintains cell banks to support development and cGMP manufacturing needs. Our cGMP facility contains a dedicated suite for cell banking, incubation, and transfer.

Clinical Manufacturing - BioCIna

Clinical Manufacturing

BioCina has the experience and capabilities to meet your clinical manufacturing needs.

Commercial Manufacturing - BioCina

Commercial Manufacturing

BioCina is fully equipped for commercial manufacture in our regulatory approved, cGMP production facility.

cGmp Equipment & Techmology - BioCina

cGMP Equipment & Technology:

  • Upstream Fermentation

    • 150-500 L working volume fermenter
    • Sterilize-in-place and clean-in-place capabilities
    • 200 L nutrient feeding tank
  • Midstream Purification

    • Two jacketed holding vessels (550 L and 900L)
    • Continuous flow centrifuge
    • High pressure homogenizer
    • Portable CIP skid
  • Downstream Purification

    • 2,900L refold tank
    • AKTA™ Isocratic AKTA™ Gradient Chromatography skids and columns
    • UNIFLUX™ Tangential flow filtration system
    • Single use mix tanks (100-500L)